Make Mini Multi-Colored Tassels

| 10 steps
  1. Supplies

  2. 1

    Gather your supplies.

  3. 2

    First, wind the thread around the four fingers of your hand like this.

  4. 3

    Add a different color.

  5. 4

    When you're happy with your colors, gather the thread together.

  6. 5

    And wind thread several times around the bunch, about 1/2 inch from the top.

  7. 6

    Tie a knot to secure the thread.

  8. 7

    Trim off the excess thread.

  9. 8

    Slide your scissors through the bottom loops, and cut.

  10. 9

    Trim the thread so they're all the same length.

  11. 10

    And there you have it! So easy to make colorful, mini tassels! I'm posting another guide to show you where to use these pretties.


  1. Can't wait to see where to use them!!

  2. Hi there! I just published a new guide using these tassels. Check out the tablecloth weights project. :)