Create an Elegant Wine Rack

| 11 steps
  1. Supplies

  2. 1

    Prepare materials.

  3. 2

    Clean the used cartridge of any excess ink inside and out. (You can also use PVC pipe).

  4. 3

    Measure circumference of the recycled cartridge tube.

  5. 4

    Cut the wrapping paper according to the size of the circumference.

  6. 5

    Wrap the paper on the cartridge and glue it in place.

  7. 6

    Cut a ribbon the same length as the wrapping paper.

  8. 7

    Wrap the ribbon around the cartridge.

  9. 8

    Put on glue at the end of the ribbon and secure in place.

  10. 9

    Arrange the cartridges to create your desired design.

  11. 10

    Tie ribbon between the cartridges to secure together.

  12. 11

    Wine rack made from recycled cartridge or PVC pipes as home decor.